It's not our family or our friends who can accompany us all our lives, but our bodies.

We need better equipment to help us exercise and participate in sports and fitness more easily. Mountain climbing, running, swimming.That's why yeesport was founded。

At yeesport, you can find sportswear, sports equipment, swimming equipment, outdoor hiking or cycling supplies and many other products you need.

With our in-depth communication with our customers and following their suggestions, we have also sold some other products. We respect the suggestions of every customer and hope to do our best to provide you with all the products you need.Now we sell many products, including but not limited to the following four categories:

⑴ Home & Garden,including many household appliances, cleaning tools, small household appliances, home decoration and so on.

⑵ Health & Beauty , including a lot of body protection and beauty products.

⑶ Camping & Hiking, including many tools and small appliances that need to be used when outdoors

⑷ Pet & Animals, including many pet supplies etc.

All in all, we are an enterprise focusing on customer needs.


If you have any ideas or suggestions about our shop, you can call us or email us to express your expectations and suggestions for us. We respect every suggestion from our customers, and we will constantly improve ourselves to meet your expectations.

Email : [email protected] 

Adress: 302, 3th floor, 7-1 Lipu Street,Bantian District, Shenzhen

Contact Number: +86 13684930882