Yoga Fitness Pilates Ring

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Achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home

Choosing the right exercise equipment can be daunting especially for beginners who have little or no physical activity. Introducing Yoga Fitness Pilates Ring, simplifies your life with just one piece of equipment that does what a dozen others would provide.


Ultimate Body Workout & Toning

  • It provides full-body workout, strength, balance, and flexibility all in one equipment
  • Helping your body to return to a healthy posture
  • Brings increased awareness of the isolated muscles you wish to tone, and forces them to correct any imbalance that occurs during movement. 

Improve your Workout Routine

  • With this Pilates ring yoga you will be able to perform both light and easy exercises as well as more complex ones, depending on your training level.
  • Now you can set your own rules and achieve your goals.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, be more active and happier while practicing your favorite set of exercises.

Bring it anywhere & anytime

  • Thanks to the light material you will have optimal comfort for all positions.
  • This equipment is lightweight & powerful in performance & effective for moderate resistance to total body conditioning.
  • Discretely tone those inner & outer thighs under your desk, store it neatly at home or pack it in your carry-on luggage if traveling.


Complete Wellness for any Age

  • Whatever your age, you can get & stay in shape anywhere!
  • Ideal exercise tool for pregnancy, physical therapy, and elderly care
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Workout Examples:

  • Slimming Back Exercise: 

    Shoulder press training has several benefits beyond the aesthetic; it enhances posture and strengthens the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, creating more stability and an overall sturdier body structure

  • Slimming Arm/Stiff Shoulder Exercise:

    One of the best benefit from this exercise is to improve flexibility on your shoulders, the aim is to alleviate pain and preserve mobility and stretch ability in the shoulder.

  • Breast Lifting/Shoulder Flexion Exercise:

    Shoulder flexion exercises helps you develop strong muscles and increase range of motion, forcing more of the muscle to work. It may also decrease muscle soreness and help prevent another injury.