Travel Magic Coin Towels (10pcs)

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The perfect companion when you're traveling, camping, picnicking, fishing, hunting

Our Travel Magic Coin Towels is made of natural plant fiber, packaged independently. It is super convenient and portable. These coin towels can be expanded by cold or warm water easily, take up less space without carrying large towels or bulky wipes in your purse or backpack. Each is individually packed, safe and sanitary. Also can be applied for cleaning surfaces and dusting.


  • Easy to use - just place them in water and they will grow
  • Applicable occasions Travel Magic Coin Towels is widely used indoors such as kitchen, hotel, bathroom, hydrotherapy center, office and so on. It is also suitable in outdoors, for example, travel, camping, the similar outdoor activities and business occasions and so forth.
  • User-friendly and Carry-home these coin towels can be easily enlarged by cold or warm water.Small volume to avoid carrying enormous towels or bulky wipes in your purse or backpack.
  • Convenient to use: Put it in cold or warm water for several seconds. It will be expansile and become a large towel. It looks like a candy or pill. However, inedible. Please do not be accessible to children.
  • Available for the skin. Soft to make people feel comfortable.

    Package includes: 10pcs X Travel Magic Coin Towels