Ultimate Design Compass Protractor Drawing Tool

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Designed for portability,Ā the Ultimate Design ToolĀ is intended to be aĀ portable stationery itemĀ thatĀ fits in your notepad like a glove. Not only does it work great as a straight and curved metallicĀ ruler, but it is also a compass and a protractor.

With theĀ Ultimate Design ToolĀ in hand, you will be well-equipped toĀ draw perfect circles and patterns effortlessly!


  • Built for PortabilityĀ -Ā Ultimate Design ToolĀ is aĀ highly portable multi-functional stationery itemĀ with many more handy capabilities than a traditional compass. ItĀ doesn't poke holes through papersĀ as it has no sharp point, and yet is still stable enough to not move around thanks to the specially designed rolling base.

  • MultifunctionalĀ - TheĀ multi-functional wingsĀ are the cornerstone of the functionality of this product. You will have the flexibility to use whichever wing meets your needs, whether to draw straight or curved lines, or angles.Ā 
    • TheĀ straight attachable wingĀ is aĀ reinvention of the traditional compass. It gives you the power toĀ draw perfect circles, from radius 16mm to 80mm (holes are spaced at 4mm increments). It alsoĀ doubles as a ruler, which enables you to draw straight lines, angles and beautiful arcs.
    • TheĀ curved wing givesĀ designers theĀ flexibility to draw beautiful curves and angles. CurvedĀ lines, arcs, ellipses, hexagons, and circles can be drawn from radius 18mm to 77mm.
  • Precision ProtractorĀ -Ā Ultimate Design ToolĀ is also aĀ protractor for high-precision arcs.
  • Convenient DesignĀ -Ā Ultimate Design ToolĀ can be conveniently slotted into a notebook, making it the perfect little bookmark, which is also capable of drawing guidelines and circles. You can use the backside of the wing and book edge to assist faster drawing.

  • Pocket-SizedĀ - Ultimate Design Tool is anĀ innovative pocket-sized drawing toolĀ tailor-made for designers, artists, architects, journal enthusiasts, mandalas lovers, illustrators, tattoo artists, students, and creative professionals.
  • Pen HolderĀ -Ā Ultimate Design ToolĀ can hold pens of different sizesĀ as long as the diameter is no bigger than 10.8mm. When placed on the desk, it can hold a pen as well as the wings. The holes can accommodate various cartridges of pens, pencils, and markers.

  • Beer OpenerĀ - Here comes an interesting twist ā€” did you know that it works wonderfully as a beer opener?Ā  To open beer bottles, we recommend using the aerospace aluminum or stainless steel wings since they are much sturdier than the aluminum ones.

  • Wing Material:Ā Aluminum
  • Base Material:Ā Stainless Steel
Package Includes:
    • 1 x Ultimate Design Tool
    • 1 x Base
    • 1*Spirograph Design Set(Free Gift)