Bicycle Seat Shock Absorbe

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Reduce back pain on your bike rides!

Do you know that backache that you start to feel when you stand on a bicycle for a long time and that has been bothering you for a long time? According to research, when riding a bike the most forced part of our body is the back, as it absorbs all the friction of the ground during the ride.

Because of this friction, we often fail to yield the time we could actually ride on a bike ride and in addition to feeling pain, we can develop a serious back problem if we insist on the mistake .


It is precisely why bicycle seat damper anti pain is being a sales success in Brazil as it: 

 Reduces excess impact to pass through obstacles during journeys 
 Prevents back pain caused by too much time riding 
 More willingness to go further along the route  
 Increases the health of your spine 
 Universal product fits any bike easily 
 Smart adjustment for different types of weights 

Get out of the pain and make your rides yield many more with this incredible news that is making the lives of thousands of cyclists happier!

  1. No need to buy any extra parts to attach the shock absorber to the seat cushion!
  2. It fits on any bike model