3 in 1 USB Humidifier Diffuser

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Relieve stress and create your own spa environment

🥰Help to relieve the dryness in your room,
and help you calm and relax. 3-in-1 USB Humidifier & Diffuser increases the air humidity creates a comfortable and healthy environment for your family💕. Keeps your skin fresh, healthy and reduces dryness. 

3 in 1 Design

  • Adds moisture to the air & can freshen up your space to 😍create a fragrant atmosphere.
  • Comes with a mini USB fan🤘, easy to insert it into the humidifier via the USB interface
  • 🤩Built-in LED light and it also comes with a mini USB light, allowing you to insert the light into the humidifier via the USB interface


Provides Stress and Allergy Relief

  • This humidifier/diffuser 🛀helps aid in stress relief and relaxation, balance, well-being and mood enhancement.
  • The humidifier reduces air dryness and effectively prevents bacterial invasion🔰.
  • It will provide relief from allergies🥰 while boosting the respiratory, circulatory and immune systems 

Super Quiet & Auto Shut off
  • It provides a 😎safe Auto shut off when liquid runs out to prevent dry burning.
  • The humidifier will turn off automatically🧚‍♀️ when water runs out or the water tank is removed.
  • Super Quiet - it ✨works in a very noiseless manner, operations happen around 20 decibels