At Yeesport we strive to make our customers 100% satisfied with the product they’ve purchased from us. If you are experiencing any shipping or products issue, or you’re feeling frustrated, then please send us an email and our team will assist you right away.

Please fill in your address in all details in your order information, otherwise the package we mail to you will be returned or ruined by the carrier. In this case we will just ignore your request to save everyone the trouble.

====================>> REFUND POLICY <<=====================

If you feel the product that you’ve purchased does not show the requirements that you initially had in mind, then you do have the option to request a refund.

Here are the circumstances in which refunds will be granted:

You Can Get A Full Refund

⑴ If the product you’ve purchased is completely non-functional.We will full refund you and you do not need to return the product.

⑵ If the product you ordered is out of stock, we will full refund you.

⑶ If it is not due to your fault that you did not receive the goods within 90 days, we will provide a full refund.

⑷ If the product has serious quality problems and you ask for a return refund, we will provide you with a refund after receiving the returned product. Please refer to the Return Policy for the return process.

★ If the address information or contact information you provide is incomplete or incorrect, resulting that the logistics provider will not be able to successfully deliver the goods. We will email you the fact. You need to contact the local post office for delivery. Sometimes you need to go to the post office to retrieve your goods. If you can't receive your goods because of the wrong address you provided or you don't contact the local post office in time, in this case, we will not provide a refund.

Related Question:

1. When is the refund?

We will send you a refund within 2 working days after the refund condition is reached.

2.When can I receive my money?

We will send you a refund within 2 working days after the refund condition is reached. You will receive your refund within 14 working days. It depends on the processing speed of Shopify and paypal.

3. Where will the refund money go?

We will send you a refund within 2 working days after the refund condition is reached. The money will be returned to the original account you paid.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].